E is for Eiffel Tower

by Lillian Csernica on April 6, 2016


The one weekend I spent in Paris included a trip to the foot of the Eiffel Tower.  Staring straight up through the tower to its very top was such a dizzying experience I didn’t dare ascend to view the City of Lights from that historic height.


The bus tour of Paris I’d taken allowed us a chunk of time on Sunday afternoon to go shopping.  I wanted a gold pendant of the Eiffel Tower for my mother.  Off I went through a department store.  Mind you, I was 18 then, and the extent of my French was “Parlez-vous Anglais?”  More often than not, I got a curt “Non.”

When I finally found the jewelry department, I also found a sales woman who clearly did not like the sight of me nor the sound of my bad French accent.  At that point I’d had more than enough of being dismissed.   It is an unfortunate truth, but if there is one language universally spoken by salespeople, it is that of Money.   I took out my entire supply of traveler’s checks, fanned them out, held them up to Madame Francais, and asked, “Parlez-vous American Express?”

She was quickly replaced by Raoul, a charming young man who spoke perfect British English and was the soul of courtesy.  He showed me the range of pendants available, from one as tiny as my little fingernail to one big enough to land a swordfish!


I exchanged the appropriate amount of traveler’s checks, made my purchase, and departed feeling victorious.  When it comes to making my mother happy, do not mess with me! 😀






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12 responses to “E is for Eiffel Tower

  1. Fab photos..I love Pasis .x

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  2. Wow, you found some fantastic photos! I haven’t been to Paris is ages. I’m glad you got your mom her gift. It looks perfect in detail, clearly a really nice charm.

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    • The other gift, one for my father, was a photo of me standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. After Daddy passed away some years ago, I found the photo. It sits on my bookshelf, reminding me of him and my grand adventure!

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  3. Your account of Paris is very accurate. There are French people and Parisians, who make New Yorkers look like Canadians in their politeness.

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  4. The lightning strike photo is enough to spark story ideas all on its own!

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  5. Fabulous photos of the tower and I love your story – do you speak American Express? Brilliant. My daughter has an eiffel tower charm on her charm bracelet too.

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