How to Get a Free Fantasy Anthology

by Lillian Csernica on August 25, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen!  Boys and girls!  I am delighted to tell you than I have been authorized to offer a free copy of Fantastic Stories Fantasy Super Pack #1 to my friends and followers who will do me, the publisher, and my fellow contributors the kindness of reviewing the anthology.  Leave a comment and I’ll contact you about format and email address.

This anthology includes my short story “Maeve.”

The editors at present thirty-four wonderful tales of fantasy. More than seven hundred and fifty pages for your reading pleasure. Escape today!


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7 responses to “How to Get a Free Fantasy Anthology

  1. What are the time constraints? I am interested! Please let me know what type of format you’d like the review in, and what the time frame is, etc…and I’d be happy to do this.


  2. Sally

    I want an epub. If it’s available on B&N, I’ll review it there.


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