What is an Artspouse? I want an Artspouse!

Some very important ideas from my friend and fellow writer Setsu Uzume.

Setsu Uzumé

I’ve never had a partner who reads my work, or has taken an active interest in my writing. This used to make me sad.

Then I discovered there are many writers whose partners actively discourage it, saying it’s a waste of time, it would never go anywhere, that they should be doing something “productive.” They can never work in an environment free from judgement and criticism.

I am so thankful, every day, that while I’m not always helped by my family (chosen or otherwise) they have never stood in my way.

As much as I am grateful, I find that my most favorite authors thank their partners or spouses first and foremost. Those partners work with their writer, around their writer, applying their shrewd minds, asking good questions, and pushing their writer to be the absolute best they can be. As a mushy example, the writer in Stephen King’s “Bag of…

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6 responses to “What is an Artspouse? I want an Artspouse!

  1. I think I am an artspouse in some respects. Hmmm….does that mean I need one?

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  2. A thing that has always made me sad is that, when I finally publish my first book, I won’t be able to add those magical words: “I thank my family for their support”.

    Well… that’s life, I suppose.

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