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G is for Goddess (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

by Lillian Csernica on April 8, 2017


I’ve had a lifelong interest in mythology, and Greek mythology in particular. Another abundant theme in Art Nouveau is the female form, presented in profile, the face as centerpiece, a maiden in Nature, and of course, the main Goddesses.


Antique sterling art nouveau locket — large size with repousse Greek Goddess of the Night Nyx. Depicts owl, moon, stars, torch.


Bling Bling

Nike, Goddess of Victory

Gold and enamel, diamond, ruby, pearl and carved opal.


Zeus and Hera, in gold and sapphire.



Diana, goddess of the hunt. Brass plated in antique gold. Fine bronze filigree encases the black and ivory cameo. The pendant is decorated with Swarovski opal stones and a black diamond Czech crystal drop.

The Goddess Ceres. Peachy-pink coral, 14k gold with thistle motif.



Head of the Gorgon Medusa, late 19th Century, Czechoslovakia. The brooch is made of gold, jasper, and pearl. (I include Medusa here because A) some consider her the Goddess of PMS, and B) this is a singular piece.)

This piece of the “Sacred Fire Odyssey” collection represents Vesta, the Goddess of Fire. For me, this is one of Rene Lalique’s supreme creations. From Lalique:

“The majestic, Fine Jewellery Vesta necklace is a perfect demonstration of the House’s craftsmanship and its emblematic jeweller features: a piece that adapts to four different wearing styles, including necklace, brooch or pendant, and the famous mixed-materials technique introduced by René Lalique, in which the precious and non-precious combinations serve the beauty of the motif – a fusion of gold, sapphire, diamond, fire opal, moonstone, engraved mother-of-pearl, cloisonné enamel and crystal.”




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C is for Case (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

by Lillian Csernica on April 4, 2017


In polite society, if you were anyone at all you carried calling cards, which made card cases among the most essential accessories for both men and women.



Antique Art Nouveau silver card case dated Christmas 1907

In addition to calling cards, ladies of society also had dance cards. When playing the marriage game or just having an evening out, a proper lady had to plan ahead!



Two Austrian dance card cases circa 1901-1902

Smoking was a common habit in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, even among ladies. The flappers of the Roaring ’20s called cigarettes “gaspers,” and kept them in ornate cigarette cases.



Antique Art Nouveau silver and enamel cigarette case



A Russian gun metal and silver Art Nouveau cigarette case, Moscow 1908-1917

For those who carried cigarettes, the natural companion to the cigarette case was the match safe, also known as a “vesta.”


dempseyandbaxter on ebay.com

Gorham Butterfly Woman Sterling Silver Repousse Match Case


American Sterling Silver Vesta




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