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The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

by Lillian Csernica on April 25, 2015



Roger Corman, master of B-movie schlock, brought all new meaning to the term “low budget” when he created this cinematic voyage into mediocrity.  Don’t let the poster fool you.  In 1957 Corman was still filming in black and white.  Here is the complete title of the movie.  The best thing about the entire project might well be the calligraphy on this title card:


A boatload of Vikings has not returned from their latest efforts to rape, pillage, and burn.  Led by Desir, the Viking women decide to take to the seas in search of their menfolk.  This proves disastrous.  First the Viking longboat is sucked into a terrible vortex and destroyed.




 The six women who survive the shipwreck wash up on the shore of an island occupied by the “Grimaults,” who are Barbarians.  That’s right, with a capital B.  These fearsome savages are holding the missing Viking warriors captive.  The Grimaults, being good hosts, promptly capture the Viking women and reunite them with their men.  You’d think this would be a happy moment, but there’s still the small problem of escape, stealing a boat, figuring out how to navigate back home, etc.


Richard Devon as Stark, a Grimault.  Notice the Mongol helmet.

The hospitality comes to an abrupt halt when the Grimaults decide it’s time for a human sacrifice.



The Vikings are not about to allow one of their own to be slaughtered to the gods of these filthy Barbarians.  Fight scene!


Triumphant, the Vikings grab a boat and row like hell for home.  Their ordeal is not yet over.  From the turbulent waters of the fathomless ocean rises the Sea Serpent!


Whoops!  Sorry.  Wrong picture.




Brad Jackson as Vedric, Viking chieftain, preparing to slay the unnatural creature!

And so our heroes and heroines make their way homeward.  Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.  See the guy down in the corner with the hose?  He’s in charge of sea spray.





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