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A to Z Theme Reveal!

by Lillian Csernica on March 24, 2014

Hi there.  Sorry I wasn’t here on the 21st for the official event.  I was at ConDor, whooping it up with some of the finest minds in science fiction and fantasy.  Here I am now, to reveal my theme in all its multifaceted splendor.  A little background on my choice is necessary to make the component parts come together in a way that makes sense.  Because I treasure each of you, Dear Readers, I want to write about a subject of interest to the special needs audience, the SF/F crowd, writers of all varieties, and the folks who fall into their own special niches.  After considerable thought which involved creating and discarding two complete A to Z lists, I have arrived at my solution:

Amazing Chocolate Creations!

What better to entertain my diverse readership than the combination of imagination, originality, and chocolate?  Experience has taught me that chocolate fuels the engines of writing, so there must be some relationship, both alchemical and biochemical, between the supreme sweet and the mysterious ways of the imagination.  Here’s an example, to give you a “taste” of my theme:

Yes indeed, that Arm is made entirely of chocolate.  We’re just a week away from April 1st!  Stay tuned for twenty-six marvels of  confectionery creativity as I participate in my second A to Z Challenge!



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