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C is for Chocolate Cage

by Lillian Csernica on April 3, 2014


Here is an example of the confectioner’s art suitable for any romantic occasion, especially Valentine’s Day:

Cage-coeur & gingembre The ultimate in chic, the “cage-coeur” box is made with a 70% Guarana chocolate! Inside, find little red passion hearts, composed of a raspberry-ginger ganache and a piece of candied ginger. A natural association, since tastes match perfectly. For connoisseurs. (http://cadran-hotel-gourmand.com)


If chocolate alone isn’t enough to sate your desires, consider this amazing display.  Yes, folks, somebody out there in Fashion Land was crazy enough to create this:

Actress Nubia Esteban wears a chocolate outfit inside a chocolate cage at Salon du Chocolat 2010.

If you could make a chocolate cage, who or what would you keep inside it?  White, milk, semisweet, or dark?  Nuts?  No nuts?  Fruit or flowers, perhaps?  Indulge that imagination!



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