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D is for Divan

by Lillian Csernica on April 4, 2014


We all know chocolate is a comfort food.  Why not take that comfort one step further and surround ourselves with it?

Maker: http://www.foodisart.co.uk/FOOD_IS_ART/HOME.html From http://eyecandey.com/blog: “This sculpture is made of 440 pounds of chocolate. Solid chocolate. Prudence used milk chocolate covered by dark chocolate to simulate the look of fabric and leather. “

Need something for the guest room?  Here’s just the thing.  The Barcelona Day Bed!

From barcelonia.blogspot.com: Created by Leandro Erlich and Guido Mogni, it’s a piece of art to die for! “Walking closer, one realized that the couch was made of chocolate, each pleat, button, and stitch lovingly rendered with a thick coating that looked (and felt) eerily like leather. As the maid brandished serving utensils and sliced into the couch, she revealed the glorious truth: a moist, buttery layer cake with hints of cream, coffee, and liquor buried inside. The pillow was even softer, fashioned from an airy angel food cake spiked with vanilla. Viewers had difficulty deciding whether to stare or eat, but quickly settled on the latter.”

Take a nap on either of these delicious creations and you’re guaranteed to have sweet dreams!


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