#atozchallenge Y is for Yearning

by Lillian Csernica on April 29, 2019

Writers spend a lot of their time thinking about their characters’ deepest yearnings.

Sure, the protagonist wants to solve the problem that sets the story in motion. What else is going on down in the deeper layers of the protagonist’s psyche? What unmet need drives that character onward?


There’s a school of thought in psychodynamics that says we marry a person who represents our parent of the opposite gender. Men marry their mothers, women marry their fathers. As we know, the gender spectrum is not binary, so this thinking is clearly behind the times. Still, take a good look at the spouse and children of a close friend, somebody you know well enough to know about their nuclear family and its dynamics.

See any patterns there? Any repetition of childhood scripts?



At this point in my life I read a lot less romance and a lot more murder mystery. What does that say about the kind of escapism I’m yearning for? I’ve lived too long to get caught up in the romance paradigm. These days I’m a lot more interested in knowing that by the end of the book, the mystery will be solved and the killer will meet some kind of justice.

I yearn for solutions. I yearn for the power to stop arrogant maladjusted people from getting away with murder. I yearn for an orderly, well-mannered, peaceful world.

"Yes, it's sort of a yearning disability."



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4 responses to “#atozchallenge Y is for Yearning

  1. I’m yearning more for travel adventure and that’s what I’m reading right now. Medical reasons keep me from travel so I think it’s a letting go. Loved this A to Z post.

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  2. Travel would be wonderful! My son’s medical issues keep me at home. I hear you.

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  3. I find myself yearning for reason, for the return of rational decision-making and civil discourse based on facts and NOT romantic notions of what someone else only thinks reality is. To dream, to yearn, to hope is essential to being human, but reality is what it is and if our dreams are to have any chance of coming true, we have to accept that even as we struggle to change it. I’ve found quite of a few of my characters’ problems and efforts are driven by that dynamic these days.

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