#atozchallenge T is for Talisman

by Lillian Csernica on April 23, 2019


Most writers I know keep meaningful items on their desks, keepsakes associated with inspiration, good luck, or some method of coaxing the Muse into delivering the day’s word quota. While these may not be talismans in the classic sense of rings or pendants of precious stone inscribed with mystic words, these keepsakes are talismanic in that they stir up our imaginations in positive and productive ways.

My most treasured talismans include:


The inkwell given to me at my first book signing by the owner of the store.



The Mixy Award given to me by Steve Mix at BayCon 2015.


The enamel pin showing the main building of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto which I bought from the gift shop when I visited the palace.


A note sent to me by the parents of a little girl whose letter to Santa Claus I answered, thanking me for keeping their daughter’s “dream and belief” alive.


The clay pendant bearing my name in cuneiform made for me by a dealer at WorldCon 75 in Finland, brought all the way home to me by my best friend, Patricia H. MacEwen. I would show you the pendant itself, but I’m fine-tuning my wire wrap jewelry skills so I can wear the piece at BayCon next month!





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6 responses to “#atozchallenge T is for Talisman

  1. I don’t have a personal talisman but I include the concept in some of the books I write. I do, however, believe in routine: a cup of tea, a bite of toast, a bit of yogurt, then write! Great A to Z post this year!

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  2. Gosh, all I have is my Dad’s prosthetic eyeball…I take that out whenever I need a different point of view! As for the Sumerian amulet, I still say there’s something cuneiform about you!

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  3. They are all awesome talismans, but the thank you letter is special.

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    • That’s a treasure. The little girl asked Santa Claus for a jingle bell from his sleigh so she could prove to the kids at school Santa Claus really exists. I sent her one in a special red envelope.

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