#atozchallenge: J is for Julie Rose

by Lillian Csernica on April 11, 2018


One day, during the time I was writing The Wheel of Misfortune (Some Time Later), I saw an ad for this coffee mug. Just on a whim, I posted the image and said the first person who bought me this mug would win a cameo appearance in my latest Kyoto Steampunk story.




Within ten minutes, I got a reply from a very nice lady. She’d ordered the mug, emailed me the confirmation, and we had a deal! I ran around Pinterest looking for the right dress for her. After she chose the one she liked best, I set to work building her into the story. She became Julie Rose, daughter of another British expatriate family who lives in Kyoto. She makes an excellent companion for Madelaine, someone with whom she can practice Constance‘s lessons on etiquette and deportment.



I’m sure Julie Rose will be making more appearances as the series continues. My sincere thanks to the dear lady kind enough to provide me with this delightful coffee mug!





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8 responses to “#atozchallenge: J is for Julie Rose

  1. I’m glad you included cats among the necessities. Now I’m wondering if Julie Rose will turn out to have some special talents of her own!

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  2. What a fun story! I admire your talent for working characters into stories and making them belong. I don’t think I have that kind of talent – my characters seem to have minds of their own before I write them.

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    • Hi, JEN! This has been part experiment, part adventure. I’ve been having a great time figuring out which character would tell the best story based on where I want to take the main story arc.


  3. LOL! What a story! I think you two were both awesome. You for coming up with the idea and she for going along 🙂

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