Reblog: Your Autistic Teen and Family Holiday Gatherings

Little kids with autism grow to be teens with autism. As is true with all adolescents, pressures both inside their bodies and in the social world can make them sometimes be irritable and reactive. Parents who live with them adapt and adopt new strategies for supporting their children over time. Relatives who see the kids intermittently often aren’t prepared for what it means to interact with a bigger kid who can’t be as easily directed or managed as when they were young. This is especially true if some of the teen’s behaviors are socially awkward or even potentially frightening. Christmas is a time of year when many families have a big family gathering to celebrate. Parents of teens with autism and their extended family members are often torn: The teen is a loved member of the family who should be included, but will including him be disruptive to the family or even harmful to the teen? If you are a parent of a teen with autism, you are already well aware of the need for preparation

Source: Your Autistic Teen and Family Holiday Gatherings

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  1. When I worked on crime scenes something awful would always happen on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Why? Because people who normally had the good sense to avoid each other or simply behave themselves would decide they just HAD to get together for the holidays, and then they’d start drinking. Any holiday gathering is a good time to be mindful of everyone’s situation, and prepare for them, whether that’s helping Aunt Sylvia get up the front steps or having alternative food choices on hand for those with allergies, special diets, etc., or avoiding confrontations. Seeing to it that people with problems of other kinds don’t get overstimulated and/or overwhelmed and act out is of a piece with the rest of it.

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