Road Trip! EuCon 2017!

by Lillian Csernica on November 9, 2017


Here I am in lovely Eugene, Oregon. I’m part of the volunteer team for the Eugene Comic Con. It promises to be a spectacular show, with an impressive line up of Hollywood talent and some of the best names in the comics industry.

Two of the stars I’m most excited to see:


Martin Klebba, known for his roles in Scrubs and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


Deep Roy, who has had a long and impressive career in movies ranging from The Return of the Pink Panther with Peter Sellers to the recent remake of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnnie Depp.


One of the key reasons that convinced me to make the drive from Santa Cruz, CA all the way to Eugene, OR is my son John. He began drawing when he was just two years old, watching Blue’s Clues. He liked to draw the clues along with Steve. Watching the Veggie Tales animation series introduced John to a more advanced level of sketching. The Special Features on the DVDs included lessons from the show’s creators in the techniques of sketching Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and other popular members of the cast.


At EuCon this weekend the folks from Imagination International Incorporated, creators of the Copic markers, are sponsoring the art contest. Winners will be announced Sunday afternoon. In one of the exhibit halls, III will have the Art Bus available. Space will be provided for all the artistically inclined attendees. Copic markers will be provided, along with paper and other materials. My wonderful son John will be on hand to offer tips on creating that one of a kind superhero or capturing the beautiful autumn landscape that makes Oregon such a picturesque place to visit now.


I will be at the convention, not in my usual official capacity as a professional writer, but even so. If you can join us and you spot me while I’m running around doing volunteer errands, by all means, say hello. EuCon is a great show, family friendly, lots of wonderful people and plenty to see and do.

Hope to see you here!




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10 responses to “Road Trip! EuCon 2017!

  1. I love those Copic markers…tried them out last year, and they’re fantastic! Lots of photo ops too, with costumed troopers, and with folks who are really into their cosplay. One of my favorites last year was a very convincing Nine-Tailed Fox!

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  2. have a great time Lillian! we don’t have a Comic-Con here in Wellington but hold a very similar event called Armageddon NZ. I knew the Wonka character looked familiar!

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  3. Hello Lillian,

    Just read your two bucket list items – learn to blow glass and visit Okinawa (I’m guessing on the spelling!) and heartily approve! Excellent items! I would love to visit Japan and, being a polymath creative, the idea of blowing glass is rather exciting. Good luck with both of them. 😊

    Jo UK

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  4. Hi Lillian,
    I’ve always loved the Orient, and I’m a maģpie too, collecting antique curios among other things. Good luck on your quests!



  5. Lillian,

    I love the idea of volunteering for Comic Con! What exactly did you do?

    Jo UK

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