Reblog: About Ghosts and Things that Go Bump

I love a good ghost story. The women writers of the turn of the century such as J.H. Riddell, Elizabeth Bowen, and Mrs. Gaskell created many of the best. This post is an excellent resource for those of us who enjoy writing ghost stories!

Book 'Em, Jan O

I’ve written two collections of ghost stories.  (“Death Be Not Loud” and “Rest In Fleece,” at amazon)as well as a nonfiction book on the subject called “About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook,” and a collection of funny/irreverent haiku called”It’s Your Funeral: Dead Funny Haiku.”  I teach seminars occasionally about the spirituality of the ghost story, and about the paranormal in literature.  The subject matter is intriguing in many ways:

  1. We speculate about the Other Side, and there are countless theories about it.
  2. Our fear of the unknown.
  3. So much is written off as “wives tales” or legend, but actually,  running up against ghosts, hauntings, ESP, voodoo, the Bermuda Triangle, and more, happens to people quite often. Working as a priest and as a chaplain I heard countless stories from so many individuals: and prior to that, as a columnist, I interviewed those who had had supernatural, inexplicable experiences.
  4. In literature, one…

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2 responses to “Reblog: About Ghosts and Things that Go Bump

  1. I prefer to believe that the things going ‘bump’ in the night at my house are cats. Were-cats, reversed, who turn at the dark of the moon instead of when it’s full. Who love silver BECAUSE it burns, and they’re into S&M. Whose grand ambition in life is to nail the Cheshire cat and wipe that frabjous grin off his face! And then to wipe his face off his face. Who….Uh, never mind, actually. Ghosts it is…

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