Reflection Post: A to Z Blog Challenge 2017

by Lillian Csernica on May 8, 2017


Another April has come and gone. I had a blast this year! Plowing through over a thousand items of Art Nouveau jewelry, art, housewares, etc. brought me a great deal of pleasure and lots of new historical information.

Having survived the previous three A to Z Blog Challenges, I came up with a better strategy for participating this year.

I chose a theme that promised plenty of eye candy: Art Nouveau jewelry. That meant more graphics and less text, so the posts would contain the essential information of interest on each item shown.

I made sure I stayed a week ahead on writing the posts. That did wonders for taking the pressure off and helping me really enjoy writing my posts and visiting the blogs of other participants.

Responding to comments and following up on visits make up the core purpose of the Challenge. Some wonderful people turned up to see what I found for each  day’s letter. I regret that I did not manage to visit more participants this year. A business trip did kept me on the road for over a week, but I did manage to follow up with my “regulars.”

My favorite blogs include:

This Old Shelter

Favorite post: Psychoanalysis: (1940s Film Noir)

Sharon E. Cathcart

Favorite post: W is for Wooing

Diary of a Dublin Housewife

Favorite post: Oh Brother

The Doglady’s Den

Favorite post: Je Taime…Mon Non Plus

Outside Perception

Favorite post: All of them, really. As much as I love movies, I had a good time seeing which one OP chose for each letter.

I do have one request for the A to Z Blog Challenge team:


The list made it so much easier to see where I’d been and where I wanted to go in terms of visiting my fellow bloggers. The categorization codes were also a big help. When I wanted to try a new flavor, I could spot which blogs were new interests for me. If I wanted to hang out with new writing acquaintances, off I went.

Thank you again to the A to Z organizers. I love the Challenge!







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6 responses to “Reflection Post: A to Z Blog Challenge 2017

  1. So…you s’pose I should finish up the A to Z I was working on LAST year?

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  2. A week ahead of posting. I wish I had been able to do that. Every year, I awear I’ll do it… then something happens and I’m screwed 😦

    I really enjoyed your challenge, Lillian. You showcased so many wonderful things, it was a pleasure to stop by every day.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. And it’s intersting to see what was your favourite post. I should do a poll. Hmm. that’s an idea.

    I didn’t really miss the linky list, but I do think the comment section on the offical blog doesn’t really work the way it is.

    So, let’s start planning for next year 😉

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    • Thank you. I did get lucky. Pinterest is a gold mine, and I spent a whole lot of time wandering from board to board pinning various items to my Art Nouveau board. The hardest letter for me was X.


  3. I’m glad you liked them 🙂 I would like the list back as well. Then again, I finished the challenge this year… first time in 5 years I finished and I think some of it has to do with not being overwhelmed completely by reading… I could be wrong though

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