U is for Unlucky (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

by Lillian Csernica on April 25, 2017


The number thirteen produces strong reactions in people. Many believe the number is unlucky. Much to my surprise, I’ve discovered why many other people insist on believing thirteenth brings good luck. For excellent examples of both sides, click here.



“Lucky” 13  heart charm. Silver and enamel. Germany circa 1900.



18k gold decorated with papyrus leaves and platinum set with tiny rose-cut diamonds. France, circa 1900.



Rose wreath charm with “lucky” 13 inside. Sterling silver, from France.

Sterling silver crescent moon “lucky” 13 charm. Victorian.



18k gold with diamond, ruby, and aquamarine. Late 19th Century.




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4 responses to “U is for Unlucky (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

  1. Well, here in Italy, 13 is good luck. The unluky number is 17 😉

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

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  2. I had no idea there was jewelry designed around this number. And I’m rather tickled that the Aztecs had a deity/patroness of adulterers! Makes me wonder if the Catholic Church is missing a bet here, since they have a patron saint for nearly every other occupation!

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    • The patron “saint” of adulterers would probably be the Devil. I found it intriguing that at the time of spiritualism the Victorians decided to embrace the number 13 as being lucky.


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