M is for Mother of Pearl

by Lillian Csernica on April 15, 2017





Russian art nouveau necklace.

Antique French 19th Century Palais Royal Trinket. Mother of pearl shell, a servant bell, ormolu, and a bird.



The “Dawn and Twilight Bed” made by Emile Galle in 1904. Rosewood, ebony, mother of pearl, and glass. From Art Nouveau Style:

The bed symbolizes dusk, dawn and life. Dusk is a butterfly at the headboard with a landscape of night. Dawn is a butterfly at the foot of the bed, illustrating the renewal of the day. The crystal part of Dawn is said to represent life as a “cosmogenic egg”.



Gold, mother of pearl and opal pendant by Archibald Knox for Liberty & Co., circa 1900.




Art nouveau figural table lamp by Gustave Gurschner. Bronze with patina and two nautilus shells polished to reveal the mother of pearl. Circa 1900.



Art Nouveau French buttons. Silver filigree encases purple abalone, a member of the nacre or mother of pearl family.


zsuzsanna szabo

Mother of Pearl hair comb.



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3 responses to “M is for Mother of Pearl

  1. Fab pieces. Love mother of pearl xx

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  2. Ok, Lillian, I’m sorry but I have to stop reading your challenge. I can’t stand it anymore. I mean, look at that lamp! (faints)
    Well, but maybe just another post. What are you covering in your next post? 😉

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

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  3. Hard to choose between the table lamp and the purple abalone….as for the bed, I’d be afraid to sleep in anything so ornate for fear of doing damaged to it in some way.

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