K is for Archibald Knox (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

by Lillian Csernica on April 13, 2017


From Wikipedia:

Knox’s hundreds of designs for Liberty‘s made his style widely known,[8] (though not his name, as Liberty’s kept their designers anonymous) as did his watercolours, graphic designs and fonts. His design talent covered a wide range of objects, ornamental and utilitarian, and included silver and pewter tea sets, jewellery, inkwells, boxes, gravestones and even bank cheques,[9] much for Liberty’s Tudric (pewter) and Cymric (precious metals) ranges. The gravestone of Liberty’s founder, Arthur Lasenby Liberty, was designed by Knox.



Composed of platinum, gold, diamond, enamel, and opal. In this pendant for Liberty & Co., Knox used opal mosaic to depict a painterly scene of a boat outlined by a fiery sunset on London’s River Thames.



Collection of silver buckles. Cymric, circa 1901-1911.



White gold, platinum, fire opal, and diamond.



Gold and opal brooch by Archibald Knox for Liberty & Co. The oval stone within a whiplash mount.



Pendant, gold, silver, peridot, pearl, and diamond.



Art Nouveau design copper humidor by Archibald Knox.


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3 responses to “K is for Archibald Knox (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

  1. Everything is so beautiful I can’t even decide what I like the most.
    You are really hurting me with this series, Lillian…

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Who knew such things could be done with peridot and pearls?


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