E is for Earrings (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

by Lillian Csernica on April 6, 2017


Earrings are by far my favorite form of jewelry. I like to make them and  I love to wear them. It took a real effort to settle on just a few fabulous Art Nouveau sets to display here!



Yes, these are indeed jellyfish!

Plique-a-jour enamel, drop-shaped opals, set in gold. Designer Georges Fouquet


Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic teardrop earrings.



Peacock blue opals, diamonds, and sapphires set in gold.



Enamel and pearl pendant earrings.



Moonstones, sapphires, and diamonds set in gold.

Handcrafted in rose and green 14k gold and set with round and drop shaped sparkling golden green Uralian chrysolites.



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7 responses to “E is for Earrings (Art Nouveau – #AtoZChallenge)

  1. Wow! I’d be hard-pressed to choose between the jellyfish and the opals. The dark opals would look faboo on you!

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  2. Yep! Those opals! Lovely post 🙂
    AtoZing and returning your visit


  3. I adore earrings, and love those opals! Since my piercer moved, there are no longer any professionally-certified piercing studios closer than 64 miles away, so I sadly haven’t been able to add to my current nine ear piercings since last January. My goal is to have eleven on each ear someday, since eleven is my lucky number. Of course, that depends upon whether I have the anatomy to support all the different types of ear piercings I want, and if there’ll be room for eleven on each ear.

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  4. Earrings are my favourite form of jewellery too, and in fact, almost the only jewellery I wear 🙂
    I like the dangles more than anything.

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

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