After Happily Ever After: Somer Canon

I also find it fascinating to learn about another writer’s process. Well done, Somer!

claudia quint

14680588_10100739534534109_945657069046256620_n After Happily Ever After Cover by Dean Samed, banner by Rohit Sawant

If you haven’t heard about the After Happily Ever After anthology, this interview series is a front row seat into the creative minds of the authors who have re-envisioned the fairy tale world beyond the final credits. Somer Canon adds her unique brand of fiction through a retelling of the Snow White fairy tale, and keep reading because there’s a Halloween treat at the end!


You have a fun, quirky bio that plays on the contrast between the normalcy of the suburban life you find yourself in and the deeper facets of your creative self-expression. Would you like to give us a glimpse into how the “mini van revving suburban mother” who plays “video games that sate her need for blood, gore, and things that disturb her mother” got her start on this writing journey?
I’ve always been…

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  1. Fun stuff…always interesting to see what it’s like for other folks in this quirky biz!

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