How to Handle Writer Jealousy

Here are some excellent ideas for combating one of the bigger hazards of the writing life. Thank you, Kate!

A Writer's Path


by Kate M. Colby

We’ve all been there.

Your classmate’s story is praised in workshop, while yours is torn apart.

“Poorly written” romances dominate best-seller lists, while your science fiction novel languishes in Amazon’s 2,000,000 ranking spot.

The author you follow on Instagram posts their third cover reveal this year, while you struggle to finish your manuscript.

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2 responses to “How to Handle Writer Jealousy

  1. She hit the nail on the head about talentless hacks on the best seller list, in my case at least. Then again, who am I writing for? Not the same audience at all. So why does her success make any difference to my work? It doesn’t. It can’t. Must remember that.

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