Z is for Zippers

by Lillian Csernica on April 30, 2016

My one great nemesis during travel is zippers.  They don’t like me, I don’t like them.  Nevertheless, they do come in handy at keeping things closed.  At least, that is, until one of us breaks a foot, loses a tooth, or rips out a seam.



I hate it when this happens.  Only rarely do I get lucky enough to work the zipper foot down to the end of the zipper where I might have the slightest prayer of making the teeth mesh again correctly.  The other problem with zippers is how easily my long hair can get caught in them, especially under windy conditions.  Trying to pry my hair out of a closed zipper is not the most pleasant experience!


Much like my comb, once a zipper has broken or lost teeth, that’s the end of it.  Time to get a new one!


And then there’s the problem of the torn seam.  This can be mended, but it’s tiresome work when time is short and I’d much rather be out and about enjoying my latest  adventure.  On my most recent trip to Japan, I bought a rather large purse in the hope that it would function as a carry-on bag as well.  It does, but there’s so much room in there you’d think this was the luggage version of Dr. Who’s TARDIS!  I am forever zipping it open and shut, which has put some strain on the seams to either side of the zipper itself.  I suppose some reinforcement is in order.


And there you have it!  All 26 letters of the Alphabet, under the theme of Travel.  Thank you for joining me.  I hope you’ve had fun!




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7 responses to “Z is for Zippers

  1. I’d much rather do my zipping on trains and planes and automobiles, not luggage! I’ve tried Velcro instead, but guess what? You can get your hair caught in that stuff too!

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  2. Phew. I wonder where this one was going. ‘Has Lillian decided to write a racy blog?’ I wondered, ‘A bodice zipper, if you like?’

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  3. Yikes another reason to be thankful I have short hair! Zippers are very clever and I’m glad someone invented them. However you are correct they can be the devil to repair. I have a purse that I kept around for years because I loved the purse even though the zipper was malfunctioning. I tried everything, and was going to take it to the local leather/shoe repair shop as a last resort to repair it. Before I did, I gave it one last try with some WD40, and voila! It started working like a charm. A zipper miracle!

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  4. Congratulation on finishign the challenge, Lillian. I had no doubt. But it’s always a fantastic feeling when you can look at your list of posts and see all of them are done 🙂
    Thanks for the ride. I really enjoyed it.
    And sorry I’m coming to this so late. I actually have quite a few blogs to visit, I legged behind in the last weeks.


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