Q is for Query

by Lillian Csernica on April 20, 2016


I thought it might be entertaining to list some of the questions I’ve asked and been asked in my many travels hither and yon.


Where’s your horse?  (Do people in Europe still think all Americans are cowboys?)

Do you live in a grape field?  (I didn’t know what to say to that until I realized the person asking the question meant a vineyard.)

Is this your mother?  (No, she was not my mother.)

Does your husband want to be in the picture too?  (The person with me was not my husband.  My husband wasn’t even in the same country at the time!)



Where are we?

Are you sure that’s where we are?

Then why aren’t we seeing ( insert name of offramp, landmark, national monument, etc.)?



Where’s the bank?  It’s inside the post office?  Where’s the post office?  (The local branch turned out to be about a mile away, on the far side of the Yokohama train station, on the third floor of an office building.  I would never have found it had it not been for the very helpful Japanese security guard who kept talking to me as if I really did understand most of what he was saying. At that time, I didn’t, but I caught enough to get me to the third floor.)


In French:  Do you speak French?


In German: Do you speak German?


In Nederlands: Do you speak Nederlands?


In English: Do you Speak English?


(I was on the train back to the Netherlands from Germany when a nice German customs official needed to know if I had anything to declare.  He was so patient with me.  It must have been obvious I was really nervous and didn’t have a clue about what I was expected to say.  I’d already been asked for my “papers” {passport} twice.)



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11 responses to “Q is for Query

  1. So many questions….keep your earphones in and eyes diverted to avoid them from strangers..lol

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  2. I hear you. At my work there’s a woman who just likes to stop by and chat, so when I see her coming I suddenly get extremely busy.

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  3. I was spoken to in Hebrew by several people during my three trips to Israel, but I had to respond in English or just keep moving. The first time this happened, it was an old beggar woman by the Kotel. I thought she was holding out her hand for a handshake as I began leaving, and she looked so confused when I shook her hand instead of giving her money!

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  4. I always fear the one where someone asks, “Are those your kids!”

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  5. The one that threw me was a question addressed to me in Erse, in Dublin. I suppose it shouldn’t have. The map of Ireland is written all over my face. But then the fellow got insulted when I said I was an American, and I’m pretty sure the rest of it was truly impolite. Oh, well. I smiled, and returned the favor in really crude Spanish.

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