P is for Plenty

by Lillian Csernica on April 19, 2016



2015-10-23 23.40.28

Japan —  Plenty of koi.



The Netherlands — Plenty of tulips



Las Vegas, NV — Plenty of neon



Paris, France — Plenty of cafes


Ensenada, Mexico — Plenty of beer



Seattle, WA — Plenty of coffee


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11 responses to “P is for Plenty

  1. My vote is for Seattle this morning! Lovely places!

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  2. Oh I love this! What a fabulous way to illustrate “plenty” 🙂

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  3. Wait! Where do I find a great plenty of cabana boys?!

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  4. My favorite picture of plenty is the tulips! I live in Upstate NY, where the tulips are starting to come out this time of year. Though I haven’t been in years (since downtown parking and driving tend to be horrible), Albany has a yearly Tulip Festival.

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  5. Ha – plenty of neon! That one is the best. From my travels I’d add Alaska, plenty of daylight (in the summer at least).

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