B is for Brick

by Lillian Csernica on April 2, 2016

I spent a day in Hamburg, Germany.  By a random twist of Fate, I turned left out of the train station.


Had I turned right, I would have been caught up in all the glitz and prepackaged “German experience” for tourists.  Going left took me into the areas populated by the local folks.  This included a corner market, a delightful bakery, and a beautiful little church built from brick.


There are two large churches in Hamburg also built from brick.

 This is the church of St. Peter, which dates all the way back to the 11th Century.



This is the church of St. Catherine, dating from the 13th Century.

Amazing, isn’t it, that brick could last a thousand years?

 If you ever get the chance to go to Germany, do it.  I took the train there (this was the same summer I spent in the Netherlands), so I watched the landscape rolling by.  Fairy tale beautiful, I swear.  B also stands for the Black Forest, home of so much legend and folklore!



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19 responses to “B is for Brick

  1. Gorgeous photography. Whenever we travel, I love to see churches and cemeteries–weird, but I love them.

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    • Interesting! These days my travels are often in the company of Pat MacEwen, my best friend and collaborator. She takes particular interests in buildings of worship and places where the dead are laid to rest. I’ve seen and learned a lot thanks to following her around!

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  2. robbear13

    And I suspect there is lots of Brick in Amsterdam, too!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

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  3. The places you find by chance are usually the ones more worth finding 🙂

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  4. Glad you turned left. Lovely church.

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  5. It’s sad to see the McDonald’s logo in the back of the train station. I guess they’re officially everywhere now. The churches are lovely. I’m surprised they are in such good shape considering their age.

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    • Yes, I get tired of seeing the McDonald’s logo and the Starbucks sign no matter where I go. There are some other churches in Hamburg that also survived the ages, including WWII.


  6. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m mighty glad you turned left! =D I’m a fan of churches and brick, so this was a big win for me! =D

    Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
    Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
    shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos

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  7. Such different spires on those churches! Now I want to wander inside them. Every church has its own personality.

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  8. Isn’t life interesting, you take one different turn and get to experience stuff you wouldn’t have…

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  9. Sounds like it was a wonderful day exploring. I have never been to Germany but would love to go someday.

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  10. Who would have known that brick could last so long – such history contained in that simple stone .. well done for taking a left turn! Thank you 🙂

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