Here I Go Again

by Lillian Csernica on March 16, 2016


I know.  I said I wouldn’t do it anymore.  I’ve learned my lesson.

Then somebody came along and made me an offer that brings with it a lot of benefits.

I’m going to join a writer’s group.

In the past I’ve had some unfortunate experiences.  Personality conflicts.  Hidden agendas.  The gap in experience between some of the writers was so great that we couldn’t do each other that much good.  In some cases it was a matter of logistics that just didn’t work out.

Online writer’s groups don’t really appeal to me because the biggest plus that comes with participating in a group is the brainstorming, plot twists and bigger stakes and stronger motivations for the characters.  We bounce ideas off each other and the person whose work we’re discussing makes lots of notes, to be sorted out later at home.



In this group, which meets this coming Saturday, there will be three people I’ve known for over twenty years.  I have collaborated with two of them on separate projects.  With the one, I’ve sold three stories.  With the other, two stories and a novel series that is still a work in progress.  One member is new to me, but I’m told he writes in genres where I have more experience than the other three, so we should all be able to do each other some kind of good.

I confess I let myself get talked into this by the member of the group whose advice about writing has led to many improvements in quite a few of my stories as well as my novels.  I have packaged up the first fifty pages of Sword Master, Flower Maiden and emailed it to all of them.  I’ve been reading through the ms as I prepare a new synopsis for query purposes.  The book needs more tinkering in terms of pace and the use of Japanese language.  We’ll see what my fellow scribes have to say.  We’re all history addicts, so that makes for a happy foundation.


If I can just get up to speed on the projects of two members, prep my comments, and be ready to participate by Saturday, I shall enter into this group situation with fingers crossed and notebook at the ready.  I’m hoping I come out of it with the help I need to get my work to a better level of quality that will sell to better markets for better prices.  We’ll see.

I’m a fan of ’80s rock, those glorious days of the Hair Metal bands.  Bon Jovi remains my favorite, but in this particular instance, Whitesnake provides my theme song.


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9 responses to “Here I Go Again

  1. For me, it’s always been the personality conflicts that become the kiss of death. The very first writer’s group I ever joined included a graduate student working on her MFA. Eventually, she did hit the best seller list but she also took obvious delight in dissecting those of us with less skill and experience. Criticism is useless if it amounts to narcissism and needless needling. Hope I’ve learned from that experience, although the snarky side of me does slither out into daylight from time to time and I have to pull the serpent’s fangs. A good critique session, however, is worth its weight in gold and I will drive many miles for it.

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  2. Good luck Lillian. I’d like you to be in my writing group. Although I fear it may be all to my advantage. By the way, when I was a callow youth, it was almost impossible not to see Whitesnake if you went to a festival; they were everywhere fronted by the luscious locked David Coverdale, another famous rock singer from Birmingham (UK) along with Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourn and erm… Noddy Holder.

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    • Thank you, Rob! I fear the commute is a trifle long. 😀 David Coverdale was in Deep Purple too, wasn’t he? Even now, at his advanced age, the man still has a great voice.

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      • Yes, he was in Deep Purple – I was a bit of a Whitesnake fan, they were part of the NWoBHM – New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the late 70s and early 80s. Oh and yes, that bus fare would be a bit prohibitive and you’d be late home for tea.

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  3. Arlee Bird

    That song provides an appropriate theme for your story. Hope the writers group works well for you.

    Finding the right group is like dating to find the right partner. Sometimes things click and sometimes they go awry. I’ve been in one group, but it disbanded a couple of years ago. They’d been around for many years but weren’t updating with the times and staying fresh, consequently the membership stayed old and stagnant and newer folks checking them out wouldn’t stay long.

    You might be at an advantage with your new group since some of you know each other already. Could help, but could hurt–don’t know until you’ve tried it for a while.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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  4. Well, what can I say? I’ve always had very good experience with all the groups I took part in, so I expect you have have a good time with this one and learn lots of things.
    Being able tot discuss our stories with soemone who knoews what we’re talking about is always a good thing, in my experience.

    Let us know how it goes 🙂

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