When someone says, “It’s only autism”

Miriam Gwynne is a woman I admire very much. I had to reblog her post here. She has captured the essence of every day life for parents of ASD children. Please, help me boost the signal here. So many people need to read this.


imageTwice now I have heard the paediatrician confirm ‘Your child has autism’.

Have you any idea what that feels like?

Hundreds of times I have found myself telling someone else that one or both my children have autism.

The responses are interesting. They range from shock to sympathy, from confusion to comfort, from understanding to utter ignorance.

A few times people have told me it isn’t that bad, it is ‘only autism’.

Before I go any further I need to tell you I am so grateful for my children. I adore them. My son attends a school for children with severe and complex needs and he mixes every day with children who have life limiting and severe medical and developmental needs. I am involved with a charity that supports children with Neurofibromatosis and know personally of children with brain tumours, undergoing intensive chemotherapy and struggling with pain. Every time I…

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4 responses to “When someone says, “It’s only autism”

  1. People unfamiliar with autism only notice the melt-downs, or the kid being “weird”….they don’t have a clue to how much it affects the simplest things, or how hard it is to defend a kid from the outside world when he or she can’t filter out all the madness.

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  2. Thank you for reblogging X

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