Here is my interview with Lillian Csernica

I have to say, Fiona asks some of the best questions I’ve encountered in an interview. What a pleasure!



Name:  Lillian Csernica.  (Pen name: Elaine LeClaire)

Age:  Old enough to have teenage sons.

Where are you from:  I live in Northern California.

A little about yourself, i.e. education, family life, etc.

I’m married and I have two teenage sons who both have special needs.  My older son has cerebral palsy and seizure disorder, so he’s in a wheelchair.  My younger son is autistic.  I’m very fortunate in that I work at home and can make my own hours.  That way I’m available whenever the boys need me.  We do not have what most people think of as normal family life.  While that can be a real strain at times, it has also brought me many blessings in terms of the people we’ve met and the material for my writing.

Fiona:  Tell us your latest news.

The steampunk anthology Twelve Hours Later has just been released.  In it I have…

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2 responses to “Here is my interview with Lillian Csernica

  1. You forgot to mention the way you kick my butt about promoting my work…

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  2. Loved the interview, Lillian. I think we have quite a few things in common… as if I didn’t know already 😉


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