The Internet Is Full of Mean People and Bloggers, and the Two Are One In the Same

Ms. Schmidt has made some important and insightful comments. I hope her precise distinction regarding who the “mean people” really are spreads far and wide across the Web.

Heather Christena Schmidt

Everyone, whether they realize it or not, reads blogs. At least everyone that reads stuff on the Internet.

A lot of times I very intentionally try to only read legitimate news articles. I scope out particular sites I know to be traditional media; and then about a quarter of the way in I realize that I’m really reading a blog post. Then somewhere in there I realize I’m a total doofus because it says in bold print at the top of the page FROM THE BLOG. Really, written blogs are just opinion pieces with a different title on them. Facebook Notes are blogs. Tweets and status updates are too; so are Instagrams – whether you people like it or not, pretty much anyone that uses the Internet and social media has in some form blogged, or read a blog of any kind and been like “OMG this person is my…

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2 responses to “The Internet Is Full of Mean People and Bloggers, and the Two Are One In the Same

  1. I can’t say that her experience bears much relation to mine. And to label all of the opposition she encounters (in an incredibly light-weight form, as far as I can see) as trolls devalues the damage done by the real thing. My advice to her? Grow up.


  2. Hi!! I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. One more thing to do right? But you’ve been there since I started this wordpress thing, and your posts about your writing and your boys, your comments on my blog, keep me going.


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