G is for Gun

by Lillian Csernica on April 7, 2014



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can in fact own your own chocolate Gun without the need for a background check or that tedious ten day waiting period.

Those nice folks at ChocolateWeapons.com can provide you with a lovely edible handgun.  What’s more, they also supply the ammo in the form of chocolate bullets!  As you can see, the consumable combat supplies don’t end there.

MK-II Chocolate Pineapple Hand Grenade

In case you might be wondering what exactly you might need to defend yourself from using chocolate weaponry, all I can say is BE PREPARED!

GODZILLA! Coming to theaters in May 2014!



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14 responses to “G is for Gun

  1. This would be the only kind of gun I would own. I am not a gun-lover by any stretch of the imagination…



  2. If my hubby ever decides he wants to get a gun, I want to get that and then look innocent. “You said you wanted a gun. You didn’t say it had to be real.” LOL!

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author


  3. Now this is an creative post! Loved it all, especially the last picture with Godzilla and the peeps.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies


  4. LOVE this. Very clever and funny post. Stopped by for the A-Z challenge. Happy Writing!


  5. Sorry I meant to add foreignfeasts.com I am at a self hosted website now.


  6. I’m also not a big fan of guns, but I am a fan of chocolate so I checked out the website you linked to. They sell chocolate and soap. I think whoever runs it really likes playing with molds. And who can blame them, really? LOL

    Happy A to Z.


    • You may be right about the molds. I once worked for a pewtersmith. His favorite part of the job was pouring the liquid pewter into the molds for the figurines. Thanks for the visit. Happy A to Z to you too!


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  8. Go Godzilla – but don’t eat the bunnies eat all the guns


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