Autism is a Dirty Word

There’s a lot of talk about “shaming” these days. ASD is what it is. Adults and children on the spectrum deserve love and respect. They need our support, not our judgment!

The World of Neil

This week, Jane took the boys’ grannies out for afternoon tea at a local garden centre as a Mother’s Day treat. Inevitably conversation turned to the boys. Now, my mum has this ideal of how the boys should be, and let me tell you, autism doesn’t fit in with that thinking. Matthew’s diagnosis wasn’t taken well, and four years on – as then – she is in complete denial. Jane said that according to her, there’s nothing wrong with the boys and they’ll just grow out of it. Either that’s showing a complete lack of understanding about autism, or its an unwillingness to face the truth. Its completely ridiculous to say there’s “nothing wrong” given all the difficulties Matthew has had at school the last few years. Its clear to us that he has deteriorated a lot, and needs much closer support at school. It got so bad that according…

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2 responses to “Autism is a Dirty Word

  1. I’m horrified when I hear certain parents describing their own ASD children as damaged, defective, imperfect, injured, not normal, not as good as neurotypical kids. These tend to be the types subjecting their kids to dangerous quackery like chelation and bleach enemas to try to “cure” them. Autism is a different way of the brain being wired, not a horrible deviation from some perfect norm.


    • You’re absolutely right, Carrie-Anne. I sympathize with the need for denial, but parents have got to embrace their children as is so they can be proactive on their kids’ behalf.


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