A is for (Chocolate) Art

by Lillian Csernica on April 1, 2014


That’s right, it’s Day One of the great April A to Z Challenge!  Today I bring to you the work of Karl Lagerfeld:




What you see in that image is life-size, made entirely of chocolate.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s the real model, Baptiste Giabiconi:

And the master himself, Karl Lagerfeld:

If you could make a whole room out of pure chocolate and put people in it as well, who would you choose? Which room would it be?



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12 responses to “A is for (Chocolate) Art

  1. That’s amazing! I hope the air conditioning works though, I wouldn’t want to clean the melted chocolate out of those white sheets …


  2. hmm a whole room…I think I would make a millennium falcon from star wars and have leia, han, luke and chewie made out of chocolate…or the beatles on the ed sullivan show. That would be so neat. What a great letter A. I will be back Teresa From the following sitesFangirl Next Door

    Stormy’s Sidekick

    Quackin Over Disney Geek On!


  3. That is awesome. I’d totally buy a life sized chocolate man to eat. 😉


  4. Huhn. Neat. I wonder if he ate the bits he shaved off during shaping or if he just melt-molded them?


  5. Rebecca Douglass

    Guess my mind’s in the gutter. Wondering if it’s all accurate, even under the loincloth 😀

    A whole room of chocolate, and the people to share it with? I don’t know. I think too much chocolate would ruin the experience. Seriously. I like very dark chocolate and mostly in small doses. Usually in private, so I don’t have to share. . .


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