When Women Waken

by Lillian Csernica on March 6, 2014

My friends and family tease me because unlike most writers, I don’t drink coffee.  I have never acquired a liking for the taste of it.  I don’t even care for mocha flavor.  I date my aversion to coffee from the time I spent in Holland right after I graduated from high school.  My father sent me there to spend two months with the Dutch girl who had been an exchange student at my school and my lab partner in Physics.  After the longest plane flight I’d ever experienced, my host-sister’s family promptly served me coffee, which they drink quite a lot of in that part of the world.  Between the jet lag and the caffeine rush, I didn’t sleep for three days.

These facts do not prevent me from understanding and appreciating coffee.  It has become an essential beverage in our sleep-deprived times, so much so that it has attained a position of reverence normally reserved for a magic potion.

Based on that and a few other coffee-related reasons, I wrote “The Power Behind the Throne.”

Power-Book-Cover1-768x1024The Power Issue

Many thanks to Kerry Holjes and the entire staff of this splendid literary journal.  I am honored to be included here.


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