When The Universe Comes Running

by Lillian Csernica on February 14th, 2014

Today I have a migraine.  The kind that turns the base of my skull to concrete and makes me want to throw up.  Not the nicest way to spend St. Valentine’s Day.  I had an appointment today that I cancelled so I could spend the whole day until the boys came home from school curled up in bed away from all light.

I felt horrible, I needed help, and I was all alone.  I’d rather be alone when I have a migraine, but this needed some kind of treatment.

And then it happened.

A good friend of mine from my writer’s group called to ask if she could pay me the visit we’d be talking about for ages.  She’s a dear, sweet woman and the sound of her voice is very soothing to me.  Not only did she bring the pleasure of her presence, she brought me some Bleeding Heart plants for my garden.

What’s more, she brought me the most beautiful Japanese ink painting as a house warming gift.

I timed her visit so she could meet John and Michael when they came home from school.  She was delighted to see Michael’s art, and to meet my fine tall younger boy.  She will soon be teaching a class on sumi-e, Japanese ink painting, that will focus on “The Four Old Gentlemen.”  They are the orchid, the plum blossom, bamboo, and the chrysanthemum.  She invited me to be not only her student but her guest, which I understood to mean I could take the class for free.  That’s no small gift, given my friend’s skills and her reputation.  I will do my best to be there!

The boys came home.  That always makes me happy.  Michael had a bag full of Valentines, and John had completed all his work at school so there would be no homework battles tonight, thank Heaven!

John’s aide got me a bottle of Coke, a sovereign remedy when combating the pain and nausea of a migraine.

Michael’s nurse gave him a little purple monkey toy holding a bag of candy hearts.  It’s adorable, and such a lovely gift.


It’s Friday.  Always a good thing.




And yes, my husband did indeed bring me a lovely red satin heart-shaped box of chocolates.  Godiva, no less!

Some days God sees your light flashing on the board and sends out the distress signal.  Then the whole Universe conspires to show up and bring you not just the help you need, but wonderful surprises that are sure to make you feel better.


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2 responses to “When The Universe Comes Running

  1. robbear13

    What a delightful day, despite the migraine.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.


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