Wednesday’s Child

by Lillian Csernica on February 5, 2014

Have I mentioned that I was born on a Wednesday?  Not the luckiest day, especially according to that 19th Century Mother Goose rhyme:

Wednesdays have been a bit of a challenge lately.  The last two, that’s for sure.  Here’s a quick snapshot of today:

Had a really hard time convincing myself to get out of bed.  I seriously contemplated staying there and leaving the job of getting Michael ready for school to Chris.  I did succeed in getting up and taking care of business, but it felt a whole lot like the old days when my depression pinned me to the bed like a big block of granite.

Tempers are short because we’re all stressed out this week.  That has made for some unhappy conversations.

The pressure is on to meet some deadlines.  I’m not overjoyed with one assignment, so that makes pushing through it harder.

It is really really COLD today, and the heater doesn’t seem to be putting much of a dent in it.  All the more reason to stay in bed.

1. Check market info sources.  See if there are any projects accepting submissions that match what I have waiting to go out.  Sending stories out to market makes me feel better.  Sure enough, I sent out two stories tonight.

2. Eat something healthy and warm.  It’s easy to just not care enough to bother making the effort.  Good, solid, warm food makes things better.

3. Cuddle a cat.  There’s nothing like a Kitty Break with purring to make life seem better.

4.  Blow off being a grown-up and go do something fun.  Me, I have the big box of Crayola crayons and one of those Jumbo Fun Books with the coloring pages and puzzles and dot-to-dots.  LEGOs are good too.

5. Writing a To Do list.  This might sound like a drag, but it helps me feel like I’ve got some measure of control over the chaos that fills my daily life.

And now, I’d like to make a


Henceforth, I hereby declare Wednesday to be CHOCOLATE DAY!

So I’m going to go put on my fuzzy snowman pajamas and my fluffy bathrobe and my slippers, find something for dinner, then park myself on my beloved couch/recliner and watch something completely silly.

Oh yeah, and eat some chocolate.


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4 responses to “Wednesday’s Child

  1. Rebecca Douglass

    I started my week by thinking Monday was Friday. It hasn’t improved. I will second, confirm and follow your proclamation that Wednesday is chocolate day. Excuse me. I’m off to get some chocolate.


  2. Tuesday felt like Monday. Wednesday felt like Tuesday. I am still trying to figure out what day it is today. Glad you pushed through. Chocolate, coloring, silly movies, pj’s, kitties, and warm food – CHECK!


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