7 Essential Questions of Plot — Do You Ask Them?

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by Jenny Hansen

Today I’m sharing some rockstar writing resources — we’ll just call it an early New Year’s gift.

First up: Inky Girl, aka Debbie Ridpath Ohi. I adore Inky Girl! She does gems like this in her Will Write for Chocolate series:

Inky Girl also introduces me to amazing writing teachers like Martha Alderson, who wrote a book called The Plot Whisperer. Inky Girl’s review:

And finally, Linda Joy Myers at Memories and Memoirs, interviewed Martha Alderson and pried out the following seven questions for YOU to ask as you write:

For each scene: 7 Essential Questions of Plot:

1. Does the scene establish the date and setting?

2. How does it develop the character’s emotional makeup?

3. Is the scene driven by a specific character goal?

4. What dramatic action is shown?

5. How much conflict, tension, suspense, or curiosity is shown?

6. Does the character show emotional changes…

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2 responses to “7 Essential Questions of Plot — Do You Ask Them?

  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Lillian! We appreciate it!!


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