O Christmas Tree

Here are some truly fantastic Christmas trees. Remember how I was thinking this might be the year I create a theme tree? These photos are full of inspiration!


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6 responses to “O Christmas Tree

  1. Thank you, LillIan. It doesn’t take much to get us started, does it?


  2. You’re welcome, Lulu! No, it doesn’t. And that’s a good thing!


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  5. Rebecca Douglass

    I love the ladder.

    We did our tree last night, in the usual chaotic fashion. My grinch-like boys wouldn’t let me put on Xmas music and create a mood. Somehow I failed to make them feel the same sentimental nostalgia to that music as I have. I’ll play it this morning while I work, instead.


    • Maybe you should introduce your boys to the legend of the Krampus, the big bad elf who rides shotgun with St. Nicholas and takes care of all the kids on the Naughty list. Coal in your stocking would be a relief!


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