My Novel, in 250 Words or Less.

by Lillian Csernica on July 19, 2013

Day One:  Introduce your latest writing project with an elevator pitch or maximum 250 words.

Sword Master, Flower Maiden is set in Japan, 1865, a time when clans supporting the Emperor battle samurai loyal to the Shogunate.  Yuriko is an English girl raised in Satsuma by the corrupt samurai Nakazawa who won her from her drunken diplomat father thanks to some crooked gambling.  Nakazawa has trained Yuriko, now age sixteen, in all the arts of the oiran, the highest rank of courtesan, so he can give her to Lord Mochinobori in exchange for political favors.  Lord Mochinobori is notorious for his cruelty and perversity.  Risking execution simply for being a foreigner, Yuriko escapes Nakazawa’s household.  Hunger and exhaustion cut short her flight.  Yuriko collapses on the bank of a river.  Tendo Kazuhiro is a ronin exiled from his clan who makes his living as the protector of the village of Yama-Shinden.  While he’s out on patrol, he discovers Yuriko lying unconscious.   Mindful of how much danger she represents, yet fascinated by her exotic beauty, Tendo carries Yuriko back to the hunter’s shack where he lives.  Once Tendo understands Nakazawa’s plan for Yuriko, Tendo sends word to Kobayashi, the head of Tendo’s clan.  Only Kobayashi is powerful enough to stop Nakazawa.  Drawn together by their differences and similarities, Tendo and Yuriko fall in love.   Now Tendo and Yuriko must make the journey to Kobayashi’s household before Nakazawa’s spies kill Tendo and drag Yuriko back to the horrible slavery.


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9 responses to “My Novel, in 250 Words or Less.

  1. Oh, interesting premise! I found you via the blogging challenge link. Looking forward to seeing what else you blog about during the challenge.


  2. Sounds like an interesting story. I kept thinking of anime too. =)


  3. Your novel sounds very interesting!


  4. Hunter

    Wow, an interesting premise. I love Japanese history like that,and look forward to how you get along with your novel.


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