Baring My Soul

by Lillian Csernica on June 17, 2013


Here it is, the grand finale.  I’ve been mulling over this post. contemplating some serious topics.  You know what?  I’d rather have some fun.

Taken in its milder sense, a confession is the admission of having done something you’ve kept quiet about because you’re too embarrassed to admit you’ve done it.  Here, then, are a few of the skeletons in my closet who wear Hawaiian shirts.

When I’m at home I’m generally dressed in my bathrobe because A) I’m lazy, b)it saves on laundry, and c) there’s considerable precedent for the bathrobe being the uniform of the working writer.

I spend more time sleeping on the living room couch than in my bed because I stay up too late, the cats drape themselves all over me, and before I know it my insomnia meds have kicked in.

If something happens that sets me off, either depression or grief or total knickknack-smashing frustration, my husband will put me in the car, take me out, and find some place where he can buy me a rock.  Seriously.  That’s how I got the labradorite heart that I treasure.  It probably has something to do with me being a Capricorn.

I sleep with a stuffed toy cat.  (Or I would, if I could find the box we packed it in when we moved.)

I once went sneaking out with my male BFF in high school on my first experience of toilet-papering a house.  The next day at school we found out that in the dark we’d gotten turned around and missed our target house completely.  I still wonder what came of that night.  Who lived there?  Who were their suspects?

And now, here it is, the Big One:  I’ve written fan fiction.  I won’t tell you my pen name, but I might be willing to tell you which fandom(s), and who I ship(ped).


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6 responses to “Baring My Soul

  1. rebeccadouglass

    No bought rocks here, but I have a little line of them on a ledge in the kitchen, two or three heart-shaped rocks my boys have brought me over the years.

    Oh, and I now have two stuffie skunks, which my boys insisted I needed, because I set my first book in Skunk Corners.


  2. Now I want to know more! Great blog.


  3. robbear13

    Sorry I’ve been a bit slow in picking up on this series, Lillian. The grandchildren have been here, and they take up a lot of time with their enthusiasm for life.

    Suggestion: trade in that cat for a Teddy Bear. Teddy Bears are excellent at fighting off the monsters-under-the-bed (and under-the-couch). You’ll sleep much better!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).


    • Please, Rob, no apologies necessary. Grandchildren are one of life’s great blessings and I look forward to having a few of my own. I’ve been knee-deep in my younger son’s graduation from middle school and all the relevant meetings and ceremonies. Teddy bears do have their merits, that’s quite true. This cat doll is precious to me. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen with eyes the green of the old 7UP soda bottles.


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