Four Things You Should Never Do Around Me

by Lillian Csernica on June 14, 2013




BAD BREATH.  I have this thing where I can’t stand it when I feel someone else’s breath on my skin.  I don’t care if that person just chewed a box full of Altoids Peppermints.  The sensation just creeps me out.  Far worse is when that person’s breath stinks.  In the course of my strange life I have met only one person whose really toxic bad breath could be attributed to a chronic health problem.  I realize there are people without the means to receive proper dental care, for example.  There are a whole lot more people who could learn to brush more often and consider the many varieties of breath mints available on the market.

COMPLACENCY.  From the English Thesaurus, “British English: complacent A complacent person is very pleased with themselves or feels that they do not need to do anything about a situation, even though the situation may be uncertain or dangerous.”  People who adopt this attitude really get on my nerves.   I find complacency to be most offensive when people’s lack of realistic perspective endangers other people, most especially their own children.

NOISE POLLUTION.  A voice that’s too loud or has an aggravating pitch.  A restaurant where the acoustics amplify all the noises of cutlery and conversation.  Children who are allowed to go on screaming their demands over and over again by parents who have clearly trained the little monsters to do so because only by such screaming will the parents actually pay any attention to them.  Noise pollution of any sort gets me all tensed up and cranky.  I have to get away from it or I might just start screaming as a means of drawing attention and shutting down the noise level that’s making me crazy.  Mind you, it’s not like I’ve had screaming fits in public.  If the noise level here at home gets unbearable, I will see to it the appropriate adjustments are made.  If it’s a good day, I can do so without raising my own voice.

THAT NEEDY VIBE:  By this I mean that nasty pulling sensation I get whenever I’m around someone who has some constant aggressive need or want.  It might not be obvious.  The person might not even mention the exact need or want outright.  And yet I still get this feeling that my energy is being sucked away and this person is trying to get something from me, be it an emotional response or a particular answer or something else.  It might not even have anything to do with me personally.  It might just be some fundamental need that exists in that person’s psychological makeup.  Whatever it is, I can’t stand it and I do my best to avoid people who show any sign of having it.

I realize this sounds rather strange, so let me offer a concrete example.  I was at the Ren Faire one day with my husband, just an ordinary work day in costume for us.  While we were taking a break together,  I remarked to my husband that I’d slept badly and my neck ached.  This woman standing nearby turned to me, said something about how she could fix that, and promptly started kneading my trapezius muscles.  A stranger laying hands on me was enough to make me call Security, but that this woman practically leaped at the chance to “help” me made me wonder what kind of headcase I was dealing with.  When I thanked her for her concern and told her to keep her hands to herself,  she acted like I’d just refused they keys to paradise.  Ren Faire is a natural breeding ground for all kinds of crazies, among both the workers and the people who pay to get in.  The more aggressive and sometimes dangerous version of the Needy Vibe appears in people I’ve heard described as “psychic vampires.”  Their behavior may seem reasonable enough, but they leave you feeling tired, worn out, exhausted just by their presence.

So you see, if ever I meet someone who’s noisy, needy, complacent, and has bad breath, one of us had better run for it!


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