Why Can’t Life Come With A Repair Kit?

by Lillian Csernica on June 11, 2013


Discovered exactly what a coffin for a baby looks like.

Gotten drunk.  The two times it happened, there were consequences.

Found out what it’s like to ride in the back seat of a sheriff’s car on a hot day in bad traffic.  (NOTE: I was not under arrest for anything.)

Failed to take the time to make sure my cat Princess, a female dilute calico, was inside for the night one evening.  I never saw her again.  Female dilute calicoes are very hard to come by, and I really loved her.

Never really got to know any of my grandparents.  My father’s family were in Ohio while I grew up in California.  We lived with my mother’s parents for a short time, but I was in kindergarten then and not of an age to understand or appreciate the important information.

Trusted someone I believed to be my friend with two key roles in the planning and preparation for my wedding.  I don’t know if her failure to deliver on both the bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding cake was due to personal dysfunction or deliberate sabotage.  I suspect a mixture of both.  I’m a veteran of “The show must go on,” so it did, just not quite as perfect as I’d hoped.

(Well!  This was fun!  I think I need ice cream now.)





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