And now, for my next trick….

by Lillian Csernica on May 3, 2013

Hi there!  As you know, I survived the A to Z April Challenge.  Woo hoo!  I’ve been casting about for what to do next.  Yes, I could just roll on, writing about writing and my sons.  The A to Z helped me discover how much I really like knowing I’m part of a Challenge where other bloggers are running along beside me, so to speak.  The sense of community is nice, and it’s great to go visiting and leave comments and get to know new people.

So!  Now begins the Blog Every Day in May Challenge!  I’m diving in on today’s prompt, which is:

Things That Make You Uncomfortable.

1. People breathing on me.  I can’t stand this.  Ever since I was little, the sensation of someone else’s breath on my skin has made me all squirmy.  It’s even worse if said person has bad breath.

2.  Public transportation.  Trains are OK, and my two trips on BART haven’t been too traumatic (Bay Area Rapid Transit).  Streetcars are a bit unnerving.  Taxis in the U.S. are quite often disgusting, especially compared to taxis in Japan.  Worst of all is the bus.  I have had bad experiences on the bus.  I also have this lingering fear about getting lost, getting off at the wrong stop, etc.  One of the most dramatic sound effects I ever used in a horror story was the sound of bus brakes.

3.  Trying on clothes in public dressing rooms.  Fluorescent lights, mirrors, other people right nearby….  Takes me straight back to my high school locker room and all the “Carrie”-like behavior there.

4. Domestic tension.  Somebody in the house has his or her nose out of joint and the rest of us can feel it.  As I once said to my doctor, “My family has raised passive aggression to the level of an Olympic sport.”

5. The school officials are starting to lean on me about what track to put John on when he enters high school in the fall.  Will he go for a diploma or a certificate of completion?  Both have their pluses and minuses in terms of what support services the county will or will not provide.  The larger issue here is my ongoing anxiety about making the right decisions for both of my sons in terms of education, medication, and general quality of life.

Stay tuned!  Let’s see if I can do this EVERY SINGLE DAY!



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7 responses to “And now, for my next trick….

  1. Glad to see you in the May Challenge. If we can survive A to Z, we can survive this. My goal this time is to write short posts. See you.


  2. Thanks for your visit. Good luck with the school thing, don’t ya wish we got a manual for raising our kids. Would a session with the school counselor help sort things out a bit for you? Loved the cute elephant comic.


    • Hi, Sandy! We did have a counselor visit that was limited to all of 10 minutes. The woman clearly had no clue how to talk to an autistic kid with speech delay, so I’m glad I was there to help John answer the questions she asked him. Sometimes I wonder if “school counselor” is a euphemism for “somebody we can’t fire but have no other use for.” There are good counselors, yes, but there are the other kind too!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I had no idea there was such a thing as thalasaphobia! All along I thought I was just afraid of getting eaten by a shark or some other deep sea creature! Ha! You are right about taxis in the US being dirty, and I can’t stand people breathing on me either!
    Eva @ Snappee Turtle


  4. Domestic tension is a good one – although if you ask my wife, I cause most of it! I can relate to being breathed on and public transport too though – especially the latter, the older I get.


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