Running the Marathon with Team A to Z

by Lillian Csernica on May 1, 2013

The world of blogging is new to me.  I had just jumped into the deep end, setting up the basics here, when I happened across the A to Z Challenge.  It seemed like a wonderful way to learn the fine art of blogging, along with getting to know people who share my interests and my difficulties.  I had no idea it would become a personal challenge between me and me to see just how well I could apply everything I’d been learning from all the “How To Blog” materials I’d been studying.

The three bywords are upbeat, informative, and entertaining.  I did my best to hit those marks with each entry, brainstorming lists of words that started with the relevant Letter of the Day and pushing myself until I came up with something a bit different, a little more unusual.  Healthy, helpful brain candy.  Keeping the posts between two hundred and five hundred words was both a relief and a test.  Some subjects demanded precision while others called for a dash of goofiness.  (Rumtinkflan, anyone?)  And I had to learn how to play with graphics so the eye candy I included was both germane and added a little pizzaz.

A big thank you to these folks who provided inspiration, conversation, and support:

Kristen Lamb

Janice Heck




Three’s a Herd

I really enjoyed the Blog Hop.  Finding five new blogs on each of the twenty-six days meant one hundred thirty new voices, new perspectives, new subject matter, and new friends.  It also gave me a good opportunity to study blog designs and get some ideas for refurbishing my blog when I upgrade.  The author blogs taught me a lot about presentation, accessibility, and marketing.  The blogs written by parents who also have special needs children brought me comfort in knowing we’re all fighting the good fight to make sure our kids get the best care and education.

I’m looking forward to the A to Z Road Trip, and whatever other blogging mischief comes my way.



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10 responses to “Running the Marathon with Team A to Z

  1. rebeccadouglass

    I look forward to seeing what you do as you go forward! Blogging is turning out to be a lot of fun. I’ve been at it for over a year now, but it’s only in the last few months I’ve started to really figure out what I’m doing. I’d say that stuff you read is paying off in a much shorter learning curve!


  2. robbear13

    Glad you had some fun while learning more important skills related to blogging. And thanks for the kind mention. I’ll see you again.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)


  3. I have no idea if I’ve already said it to you, but congrats on beating the challenge. I’m glad to have met you this year. =)


  4. Big congrats! It was fun coming in here, and I hope to see you around.


  5. orneryswife

    I can’t imagine jumping into this challenge as a new blogger. I have been at it for five years now and this A to Z was a challenge for me! The writing hasn’t been bad, but the visiting of blogs has been very time consuming!

    Great reflections post, and it looks like you have things under control here! 🙂 Happy May, and hope to see you around!


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