M is for Mentor

by Lillian Csernica on April 15, 2013

The world of publishing keeps changing. Electronic rights, intellectual property law, e-readers and new apps and whatever Amazon is up to today. When all you want to do is hole up with your novel or short story or essay or poems, how do you keep up with the changes that are constantly altering the playing field of your writing career?

You find yourself a mentor. A tutor. A person of knowledge, experience, and insight who can teach you how to establish your Web presence, expand your social media and create a platform that will bring in the kind of attention you’ve got to have to compete in today’s world of instant electronic gratification.

How do you find such a mentor? You look. You listen. You prowl the social media sites in search of the people who really do seem to have a good grasp of not just writing but writing in this Brave New World of paperless literacy. You ask questions, you read the FAQs, you get out there and educate yourself so when you find that mentor candidate you’ll be ready to ask for the kind of help that shows you’ve already done the legwork on learning the basics.

This is important. Take a tip from the journalists: When you’re granted an interview with an expert, do not ask the entry level questions. Do your homework! That way you make the most of the opportunity.

Be open-minded. Be polite. Be humble. Be alert. Don’t make up pictures in your head that might blind you to the person who can do you all kinds of good.


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3 responses to “M is for Mentor

  1. Not about writing, but ethics. I had a teacher, who became a thesis supervisor, who became a friend and mentor. Someone with whom I could test ideas and raise issues. Absolutely invaluable. I take it the same thing is true with writers.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting


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