A is for Adverb

by Lillian Csernica on March 31, 2013

Hello! Welcome to my first go at the A to Z Challenge. A big thank-you to Arlee Bird, our founding father!

A is for ADVERB

The adverb is your enemy. Why? The only reason for using an adverb is to shore up a weak verb. Weak verbs mean weak storytelling. Weak storytelling means readers, editors, agents and publishers will drop your story and move on to something stronger.

Kill your adverbs. Put some muscle in your verbs. Stronger stories stand a better chance of being accepted by those same editors, agents and publishers.

Write the strongest stories you can write. Sell as many of those stories as you can possibly sell.

That’s what it’s all about!


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6 responses to “A is for Adverb

  1. Hi Lillian-

    Nice. Short and to the point (and good advice, too!)


  2. I’ve taught on this at writer’s conferences. I love how you summed this up in so few words – short and precise! (let’s hear it for those strong verbs!)

    (A to Z Challenge here too!)


  3. celticrob

    Good advice. Except that I like to use adverbs occasionally, Only occasionally. Good thoughts you have shared. Thanks.


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