Six Female Characters You Really Need to Stop Writing


Everybody please read this. Thank you, Gertrude, for your excellent insights.

Originally posted on Bitter Gertrude:

Please read Kate Beaton's entire comic here:   It's GLORIOUS.

Please read Kate Beaton’s entire comic. It’s GLORIOUS.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the stereotypical “Strong Female Character,” based on the CRAZY idea that we need to start thinking of female characters as . . . characters, period. In that spirit, I offer the following six female characters we really need to stop writing.

1. “The Girl.” A big group of people in a narrative that could easily be non-gendered, and yet there’s only one girl along for the ride. It’s Our Hero, Handsome Scoundrel, Crazypants, Toughest Guy, and The Girl, who has no personality apart from BOOBS. She’s probably sleeping with Our Hero, or he wants to sleep with her, and/or she provides a reason for Our Hero and Handsome Scoundrel to have dramatic tension.

"But honey, I really need your opinion on the appetizers for the cat's birthday party! It's only a month away!"

“But honey, I really need your opinion on the appetizers for the cat’s birthday party! It’s only a month away!”

2. “The…

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3 responses to “Six Female Characters You Really Need to Stop Writing

  1. robbear13

    Right! A novel is no place for a woman. Any woman. Unless it is about a woman, and other women.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

    • Sorry, Rob, I don’t understand. Are you saying a novel that has a woman as a main character should not have any male characters?

      • robbear13

        NO. It just seems to me that your friend thinks there is no place for women in novels. Any female character I can think of could be put in one of those “undesirable” categories. I guess it all depends on one’s perspective on characters. Personally, I like strong, smart women, but not those who are simply men in a female body. I have a feeling that Gertrude would find some fault in strong, smart women.
        Best just to leave woman out, as Gertrude seems to suggest, writing them out, one at a time.

        Blessings and Bear hugs!

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